We continuously do research and development to increased quality and excellence our products.
We make any possibilities of CaCO3
research and development
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Our sharp quality control includes the following elements :

Raw Material
Raw materials that are to be used in the production are selected through several stringent steps. Before the selection, those materials must go through physical property tests, such as brightness degree, and chemical analysis that includes Ca CO3 content, moisture content, impurities, pH, etc.

The condition of the packaging used for the products are always carefully maintained by our quality control department. Quarterly, we would conduct a general check up with the meteorology institution to anticipate any damages on the weighing machine.

The product's particle distribution will be analyzed by using a sizer test machine (Malvern-Master Sizer) The color of products (Brightness and Yellowness index) will be analyzed using a color spectrometer (Data color) Parameter that analysis on CaCO3 powder product are CaCO 3 and MgO content, Moisture content, pH, oil absorption, DOP absorption, and density, are in accordance to SNI, in conversion with ISO method.