We provide high quality and stabil products for our customers that could increase the quality of our customers products.
We make any possibilities of CaCO3
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Along with the world's development in time, many new challenges occur in the world of industry that demands fresh innovations to improve quality and to achieve perfection.

In the industrial world, one of the most exceedingly demanded resource is Calcium Carbonate which functions as a high quality natural mineral filler that is environmental friendly.

Calcium carbonate are used in a very wide array of industrial applications such as adhesive, cosmetics (toothpaste, perfume carrier), household, melamine board, paints and coatings, plastics ( PP/PE masterbatch/ polyolefin compound , rigid PVC,PVC compound, FRP ), rubber compound, paper, to mention a few.

With an experience in mining and producing Calcium Carbonate since 1965, PT Bhumidana Indonesia are constantly motivated to enhance our work in supplying the highest quality Calcium Carbonate for our customer to improve the quality of their products.


To be an international Calcium Carbonate manufacturer that produces high quality Calcium Carbonate with a competitive advantage in the global market supported by a team of highly dedicated employee.


To provide high quality Calcium Carbonate and competitive in it's grade , with the most efficient manner in production and outmost concern for the employees' work safety & health.

To regard every customers as our business partner and continuously innovate new products together. To regard every employees as our family member and to bring out the very best from everyone of them. To improve social welfare of our employees & communities in the vicinities of our mining areas by enhancing their standard of living through social responsibility.